Advertising should be different in each mall environment because the dwell times are different. People tend to spend more time in regional malls, even though their visits are less frequent. There is more opportunity to engage with consumers through more complex activations.

Community malls offer convenience. Consumers visit more regularly and they are in a purchasing frame of mind – they will buy something. This is unlike visits to larger malls, which are for 'shoppertainment', not necessarily to make a purchase.

Trends brands need to be aware of

Purchasing decisions are made in the mall environment, and shoppers want to be engaged. In tough economic times, shoppers want value for money.

Shoppers generally have an idea of what they want, but have not made a decision on what to buy, so brands need to engage with them in ways that effectively helps them make those decisions. Marketing in this environment works very effectively because it is the last point of influence.

What makes for an exceptional campaign in the mall

An exceptional campaign should make use of multiple points of engagement to maximise reach, frequency and recall. The creative and the messaging also needs to be relevant to the audience and needs to communicate with them in a seamless manner.

For example, Mall Ads™ has just launched Mall TV™ and Mall Radio. Mall TV™ and Mall Radio are two highly effective channels that engage consumers when they are open to brand messaging, experiencing high dwell times and have a mindset conducive to purchasing.

Mall TV™ is the first of its kind in South Africa and will raise the bar in terms of innovation and advertising opportuneness and influence within the mall environment.

Mall Radio is an innovative radio channel that airs across 10 malls in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, with a reach extending to 3.5 million shoppers monthly. The platform creates maximum impact and frequency to move shoppers from prospect to purchase.

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