"We are pleased to partner with Takealot in supporting the workflow of creative professionals, helping them to unlock their potential," says Edouard Doutriaux, senior manager: Seagate Consumer Group.

"LaCie is committed to providing innovative solutions and platforms, which allows digital content to be effectively created, stored, shared and accessed, whenever needed," adds Doutriaux.

Julie-Anne Walsh, chief marketing officer at Takealot, says that the online retailer is excited to add LaCie to its stable.

"LaCie storage solutions is renowned for its superior data storage capacity and speeds. This – together with Takealot’s many safe, secure ways to pay and effortless nationwide delivery – means that we are again able to offer our customers great products at the click of a button," says Walsh.

LaCie offers a range of external storage solutions; from d2 drives to water-resistant, portable Rugged hard drives.

James O’Connor, managing director at Direct Distribution Services (DDS), LaCie’s Southern Africa distributor, says, "With millennials seeking non-conventional jobs that allow them greater freedom and flexibility – like vlogging and independent film production – we’re seeing a massive demand for storage solutions on the go; external devices that can do the heavy lifting, but are durable and portable enough to take along on journeys." 

"LaCie’s DJI Copilot, for example, features a hard-wearing exterior, an SD card slot and a USB port to copy photo and video files directly from your device – no laptop needed. It’s a firm favourite among drone operators," adds O'Connor.

He adds, "When trialing LaCie’s 12big, former CNET editor Dong Ngo admitted that it was the fastest storage device he’d seen, remarking that one could finish transferring a Blu-ray disc worth of data [25GB] in less than 20 seconds."

"We’re excited to be able to tap into Takealot’s network, which will enable country-wide access and swift door-to-door delivery for all customers," concludes O’Connor.

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