"The Brand Trust Platform™ was created on the grounds of building a strong foundation with customers, who really are your brand's best product ambassadors," says Conversio founder Adii Pienaar.

"It’s all too common now that businesses and marketers take this step for granted and, unfortunately, they only experience the negative effects from the lack of foundation once it’s too late," adds Pienaar.

The platform will aim to encourage e-commerce brands to move away from the noise of social media, overcome the temptation of paid advertising and to cultivate stronger relationships with customers via email. 

"If your brand is online, that is your own little space and audience, and what you do there is critical," says Pienaar. "Anyone can build a business, but not everyone can build a brand. The difference is how you take care of and value your customers." 

According to Conversio, the platform will also benefit any business owner or marketer who wants to survive and thrive as they build a brand online. 

A component of the Brand Trust Platform™ will be the new Media Library feature for user-generated content, such as reviews and customer submitted photos. The Media Library aims to make it easy for marketers to craft better and more wholesome product stories in their emails.

"We want to help brands represent a fuller spectrum of opinions and perspectives about their products," Pienaar adds. "The messaging should not just come from the marketer but should be amplified by actual customers and real people. This is about diversity and inclusion. It is about the community. I’m very excited to see how people end up using it."

Conversio has also released Trust Blocks, which will aim to build additional trust and credibility. Users will also be able to retrieve all verified product ratings to be used in emails.

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