"The point we want to stress is that we have the skills, know-how and creativity to run sophisticated campaigns that make use of all major touch points across print and digital," says Ads24’s brand manager Marise van der Lith.

"Ads24’s titles account for 54% of all Sunday readers, and it’s not just lip service when we say we can help your brand to achieve their full attention through innovative 360-degree campaigns," adds van der Lith.

Ads24 is encouraging brands to build their Sunday Sundae from its range of South African flavours, designed to bring brands into the hands of their readers. Brands can do this by:
  • Choosing their 'favourite flavour' title, or combination, across Rapport, Son op Sondag, Sunday Sun or City Press 
  • Adding the first layer of toppings by choosing a format – wrap, front page, DPS, feature section, main body or insert
  • Picking their digital platforms – brands can add Netwerk24 to the mix
  • Sprinkling or drizzling their final layer of toppings by picking and mixing from retail bar, interstitial mobile or desktop, takeover, carousel, advertorial, social media, desktop banners or section sponsorship 
Ads24 says before brands can assume that they have their campaign covered, they must be sure to take the 'Sunday Sundae’s' quiz.

"The quiz is a fun way for us to get the point across that, just when you think you have your target market cornered, think again," says van der Lith. "The outcome can be quite surprising. It is an educational and engaging initiative aimed to create likeness amongst our clients and our readers." 

"The point is, as South Africans, we have more similarities than differences. You might be surprised at how well your brand is received by readers of a title you might not have considered previously," van der Lith adds.

For more information, visit www.ads24.co.za. You can also follow Ads24 on Facebook or on Twitter.