Kevin Fine, Jacaranda FM’s general manager, says this is a venture that will have unparalleled benefits for advertisers and listeners.

"We’ve looked at the needs of both our clients and the Jacaranda community, and we have are now bridging another gap between our clients and audience – both who are looking to engage and transact digitally more often," Fine says.

"The mall creates the perfect space to deliver value to advertisers and help them drive their digital sales ambitions with a solid user experience, infrastructure and payment gateway," he adds.

"At the same time, consumers are looking for great deals in order to spend their money wisely, and we will use all our on-air and digital marketing resources to ensure that our three million strong listening and digital audience are exposed to exclusive highly discounted deals and vouchering coupons that cannot be found in-store or online elsewhere," says Fine. 

Fine adds, "We are entering this space ambitiously, with the intention of driving continuous value across the board. We will do this by increasing the volume of offerings, and then by moving into daily deal opportunities with a strong focus on local and international travel, which are highly sought-after items."

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