The app has a single code base, which means that, regardless of whether consumers are ordering on the web, iOS or Android, they're all channeled through the exact same system.

In addition, the app front-end integrates into the point-of-sale systems of over 240 Nando’s stores nationwide.

VML has additionally designed a new e-commerce middleware solution, which allows each store to manage its stock and financial admin, as well as a full CMS – all through a live dashboard.

"Nando’s has been around for more than 30 years, serving the most delicious, flame-grilled chicken, presented within a uniquely Afro-Portuguese experience. This is what has led to the brand’s undeniable success. While these ingredients have not changed, the world around us has," says Darren Hampton, Nando’s head of digital, IMEA.

"So the question we asked ourselves was: How do we make it even easier for South Africans to get their hands on Nando’s? Added to this, how do we make sure the experience of doing so is as good as visiting one of our restaurants? I’m delighted to say that we have managed to pack all of that, and a few cheeky extras, into the new Nando’s app," adds Hampton.

"We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve delivered for Nando’s on the app, and the full e-commerce platform. Not only is it truly seamless and easy to use, but it also has the Nando’s voice and flavour woven into the fabric of the user experience," adds Jarred Cinman, CEO at VML SA.

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