According to Opinion Solutions, it builds engaged communities by asking the right questions at exactly the right time.

"Consumers like to see themselves as being a part of the decision-making process. The days of your customers simply being passive recipients of products and services is long over," says Tanya van Tonder, founder and MD of Opinion Solutions. "Businesses that give customers the opportunity to feel like they have a say, build brand loyalty and endearing relationships."

Opinion Solutions holds the African license to Upinion, a mobile platform that allows real-time responses and builds conversations between a company and its consumers.

The company specialises in building panels and research services specifically designed for clients' needs. Opinion Solutions tailors mobile surveys for instant feedback, and offers online and offline face-to-face interventions. Surveys and engagements are tracked and can be linked to further services and treatments.

The company has had success in assisting with building engagement for media as well as social development and academic research projects.

"People feel more comfortable answering personal questions when they engage via mobile technology that ensures confidentiality. We’ve also found that they are more likely to answer honestly because they don’t feel the pressure of providing an answer they believe the interviewer wants to hear," adds Van Tonder.

"The direct access, and engagement, we have through Upinion is significant. I like to say it’s like focus groups on steroids," says Van Tonder.

Through a range of services, Opinion Solution’s clients have the opportunity to build community panels of people recruited according to specific target markets.

Alternatively, Opinion Solutions has public panels comprising thousands of South Africans, which can be leveraged for broader responses. Continuous engagement is encouraged through a built-in reward system that includes electronic vouchers, discount coupons, prize draws, airtime and free products. The rewards portfolio can be customised to suit any budget.

"There are so many ways in which Upinion can be beneficial – be it grassroots, brand awareness, academic, in-house, corporate or anything you can think of," van Tonder adds. "And we love a challenge. Let us know what information you need and we can craft the perfect solution."  

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