According to EasyBiz Technologies, SMB merchants will now have access to a complete retail management platform that integrates operational functions – from back-office to customer touchpoints.

The partnership additionally aims to provide SMB retailers with a comprehensive, omnichannel solution that automates data sharing between accounting, point-of-sale and store systems to eliminate time-consuming data tasks. 

With data shared between QuickBooks Desktop and iVend Retail, retailers can gain insights into their business health and customers and are not required to enter the same data into two platforms.

iVend Retail integrates with QuickBooks via an open API, enabling retailers to manage finances and inventory centrally across their enterprise. The system also enables individual stores to continue transacting if the connection to the head office is unavailable.

QuickBooks Desktop data, including customer credit limits, account information, payment methods, tax rules and percentages, as well as currencies, aims to provide merchants with a complete picture of operations when analysed.

It provides step-by-step instructions for day-to-day tasks, such as creating invoices and recording expenses – and no accounting experience in necessary to do so.

"An end-to-end omnichannel platform is vital for collecting and analysing data, delivering engaging customer experiences and operating efficiently," says Jan Jansen van Vuuren, channel sales director of sub-Sahara Africa at CitiXsys. 

"A point-of-sale system that integrates with QuickBooks is something that our retail customers have been asking for. We conducted an extensive search for the best solution to answer their call," adds van Vuuren.

"A partnership with CitiXsys was a no-brainer. Their omnichannel retail management solution, iVend Retail, gives even the smallest retail store greater control with an integrated retail platform that automates inventory, sales, customer and financial data. The days of tedious manual data entry are now a thing of the past," concludes Gary Epstein, managing director at EasyBiz Technologies.

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