According to Chicken Licken®, the Big John Top Deluxe meal is a relatively well-known offering, yet no one knows where the name Big John comes from, or who, if anyone, the meal is named after.

The campaign begins with a film directed by Grant De Sousa of They Shoot Films. It centres around a man called Big Mjohnana, who leaves his village at the tip of Africa in an aim to satisfy his hunger for adventure.

Viewers follow his journey as he sails across the ocean and encounters obstacles that he overcomes. His adventure reaches an unexpected conclusion as he discovers a foreign land in 1651.

He finds Jan van Riebeeck and his crew as they load cargo onto their three ships (the Dromedaris, Reijger and Goede Hoop) before they embark on their voyage.

Big Mjohnana’s adventure is also amplified through online and mobile channels, utilising integrated group efforts. The audience is able to interact with a digital version of Big Mjohnana’s map. With it, they can follow his journey, while actively being a part of it through pictures and videos that unlock along the way.

The campaign aims to inspire and conjure up a certain mystique around the burger meal – Big John. Additionally, the campaign aims to engage consumers and remind them that there is a Big John in everyone because anything is possible when hunger is conquered.  

"'The Legend of Big John' campaign is a continuation on the successful themes we’ve started to build for Chicken Licken®, where we strive to put South Africans at the fore – creating a sense of pride and patriotism. Just like the film, we’re turning things on their head, putting South Africa on top of the world map," says Martin Schlumpf, creative director, Joe Public.

"The concept is a metaphor for life that shows if you want something badly enough, nothing or no one can stand in your way. All this is brought to life through the usual quirky type of humour we’ve come to expect from Chicken Licken®," says Martin Schlumpf, creative director, Joe Public.

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