The IMC says thanks to its partnership with Everlytic, it can effortlessly send out bi-monthly, personalised mailers to its database of about 10 000 subscribers. The platform is fully PoPI compliant.

"By paying attention to the click-to-open rates, clicks per contact and observing how people are interacting with our emails via heat maps that show their geographical location, we are able to effectively tweak our email campaign to make sure the right people are receiving the right messaging at the right time," says Dale Hefer, CEO of the IMC.

Karyn Strybos, Everlytic’s marketing manager, adds, "The advantage of a local platform is that you can pick up the phone and call us. We’re a locally grown company with local developers, so if there’s anything specific a client is looking for, we can help."

Strybos offers the following advice for successful email marketing campaigns:
  • Pay attention to the 'from' address. Many people won’t open a mail from Gmail or other addresses that don’t appear to be from a professional business.
  • Take time to craft a catchy subject line. This is often the 'make or break' of whether someone will read the mail.
  • Make sure the most important information and call to action are above the 'fold'. In an age where people skim their emails, many won’t scroll down.
  • Don’t use too many images. People with slower Internet connections may lose patience downloading them. Plus, it could flag emails as spam, avoiding their inboxes altogether.
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