media update’s Aisling McCarthy takes a look at 10 of the best marketing stories that we shared in 2018.

1. How the POPI Act affects digital marketing

2018 was a big year for marketers all over the world, with the implementation of the GDPR and South Africa’s POPI Act. Do you know what this means for marketers?

media update chatted to Elizabeth De Stadler, founding director of consumer and data protection consultancy Novation Consulting, to find out exactly how the POPI Act will affect direct marketers.

TOP QUOTE: “If a marketer told me when they collected my information that they are going to use it to send me specials, then gave me the opportunity to unsubscribe every time I got the email – there is that unsubscribe at the bottom – then they’re also fine.”

2. Targeting on social media: The why and how

If you’re using social media as part of your marketing strategy, you should know the audience you are targeting. Without it, your marketing messages can fall on deaf ears.

media update chatted to the team at amaSocial about what targeting is, why it works and how to do it.

TOP QUOTE: “Because social media companies can provide rich data about audiences, brands pay to have only their audience see their adverts. This means that money is being spent on consumers that are more likely to buy your brand’s product, and less money goes to advertising to consumers that fall outside of the target market.”

3. Five reasons why you should invest in gamification as a marketing tool

Gamification has the potential to be the next big thing for brand advertising. Since its creation in the 1950s, gaming is said to have evolved into one of the most lucrative industries of all time. With massive influence on society and technology, it's an industry that marketers should not overlook.

TOP QUOTE: “Gaming in 2018 has the world becoming more and more revolutionised by technology. And in order for you to get your brand ahead of the game, you need to play by your consumer's rules.”

4. Is digital advertising losing its novelty?

Digital advertising has been hailed as the only fashion that never fades by digital jugglers. However, it’s 2018 and consumers don’t even need to think twice about ignoring the relentless, sometimes even intrusive, ads that clutter the Internet. Is the age of digital advertising coming to an end?

TOP QUOTE: “Digital advertising has been – and still is – a relatively inexpensive and measurable way to directly target your audience – no matter how wide this audience is spread. Yet, as the call for a more accessible, free and clutterless Internet begins to grow stronger, does this mean that digital advertising will lose its edge over traditional advertising?”

5. Three reasons why advertisers still believe in the power of print

In the seemingly endless battle of #PrintVsDigital, why does print still feature if we’re living in the ‘digital age’?

media update explores the benefits that print can offer advertisers, that digital simply cannot.

TOP QUOTE: “Since the dawn of digital media, advertisers thought that new was best, so they advertised all over these platforms. The same thing happened with social media. However, success stats are very low for these types of adverts.”

6. Four reasons why employee-generated content is essential in marketing

Every social media marketer knows that content is king. As more people get to grips with managing social media, it’s no surprise that allowing your employees to create relevant content can boost the performance of your social media strategy.

TOP QUOTE: “Employee-generated content is content created by your employees – in the form of images, video, blogs, etc. – that expresses the values and benefits of your brand. As a marketer, you have the voice that can encourage employees to become the creators. You also have the industry skills and knowledge to teach employees about content best practices."

7. Social media 101: Advertising in South Africa

If your brand doesn’t exist on social media, does it even exist at all? Social media is a powerful marketing tool, when used correctly, and media update gives you the breakdown on how to advertise on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

TOP QUOTE: “Social media advertising is becoming a powerful marketing tool for brands in South Africa. This is because more and more of the country’s consumers are joining social networks, allowing your marketing message the potential to reach millions of people.”

8. Video: Three easy steps to ace SEO – every time

If your content isn’t specifically designed to be found by search engines like Google or Yahoo, it won’t be. media update shows you how to make your brand’s content more SEO-friendly and improve your SEO strategy.

TOP QUOTE: “In today’s world, SEO is so important because consumers are constantly searching for brands, products and information online. And for those consumers who don’t already know about your brand, searching the Internet is likely how they’ll find you.”

9. Four trends that will shape digital advertising in 2019

As 2018 comes towards its end, it’s time to look forward to 2019. And what better way to prepare for the new year than to discover the trends that will define it.

media update guides you through four of the most important trends that will shape digital advertising in 2019.

TOP QUOTE: “While the trends of yesteryear won’t suddenly disappear in the new year, there is a slew of new ones on the horizon. Marketing, and particularly digital advertising, is in a constant state of flux thanks to advances in technology, consumer preferences and new legislature (hello POPI Act!).”

10. Seven ways digital marketing has changed the ad industry

Digital technology is continuously transforming everyday life, one app at a time. As our society becomes more and more driven by these advances, one question remains: Once the wake of digitisation begins to settle, where will it leave the advertising industry?

TOP QUOTE: “There’s no denying that for a brand’s marketing strategy to be successful, it needs to account for the rapid digitisation taking place throughout the world. Unlike traditional advertising methods, digital marketing allows brands to converse directly with thousands of potential consumers and gain access to more information than ever before.”

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