More and more consumers are joining social networks every single day. This means your marketing message has the potential to reach thousands – if not millions – of engaged consumers.

There are a few options that your local brand can make use of, but first, it’s important to know exactly how to get started and what it’s going to cost you.

In a previous media update article, we discovered that best way to begin is to check out the advertising tools that each social media network offers to help you set up your adverts. And then understand how pricing on these platforms works.

So what do social media networks actually allow you to do? When setting up your campaign, you’ll be able to decide on a call-to-action. Some marketers want users to click on the advert, while others want them watch a video. Advertisers are only charged for each of the actions a user performs.

Some platforms, however, charge you for simply running the advert, regardless of how many ‘likes’ or ‘clicks’ it gets. You’ll have to do your research on each platform’s advertising policy to uncover the finer details.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at three social media advertising options for local businesses:

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