"Let’s start by saying we know it’s been a while since our fans have heard from us, but we’ve used our time away in the best way possible," says Hazel Tshetu, Yogi Sip brand manager.

"Our Research and Development department has created two new flavours with a surprising twist. We’ve listened to our fans by keeping the old favorites, but we’ve just fortified them to deliver the perfect sip snack for a busy day," adds Tshetu.

The original Yogi Sip flavours like apricot, strawberry and granadilla have been fortified with an extra source of calcium and vitamin B. According to Yogi Sip, the added calcium helps supplement the bones, heart, muscles and nerves; plus, the added mix of vitamin B helps to build a stronger immune system and breaks down food into energy.

The new Cocopine fusion incorporates tropical punch with a hint of coconut and pineapple, while the new Mixed Berry fusion flavour is mix of raspberries and blueberries.

Yogi Sip says one of its most exciting developments is the new menthol cooling effect added to the fusion range, which delivers a slight cooling effect that leaves consumers feeling refreshed and satisfied.

"In our research phase, we identified that many of our fans loved the flavour and satiety Yogi Sip offered but mentioned they wish it was more refreshing, especially in summer – so we developed the cooling menthol effect for the fusion range," concludes Tshetu.

Yogi Sip has launched its latest range with the #RefreshYourPerspective hashtag.

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