An AI is programmed to solve problems and make logical decisions based on a set of instructions, as well as a database containing relevant information for the task at hand.

The continued development of sophisticated AI systems has had a positive impact on the industry as a whole, increasing productivity, safety and efficiency while making our lives easier in the process.

So it comes as no surprise that AIs are also starting to make headway into the realm of digital marketing. According to a recent survey of digital marketing experts, AI will completely transform the marketing landscape by 2020. 


Modern digital marketing is highly dependent on personalisation – stock marketing messages simply don’t affect consumers anymore, as they have grown used to seeing them over the years. What personalised marketing content offers are higher revenues, increased brand loyalty and more conversions.

A good example of AI-assisted personalisation is suggestion algorithms used by the likes of Amazon, eBay, Netflix and Spotify. After being hooked to a database containing user data, these AI algorithms can analyse user on-site behavior, past purchases, reviews, ratings, and more to provide meaningful recommendations and make predictions about what a given user will want or need.

AI tools are also being used for improved audience targeting, segmentation tracking, etc. If you wish to add some AI-based assistance to your online operation, try using one of the many available AI solutions that are cropping up more and more as we move into 2019.

Marketing chatbots

Our expectations concerning online interactions have reached a point where, if we don’t receive an instant response to each of our queries, we will immediately start to feel frustrated.

This puts online businesses in a tough spot – no matter how big your customer service department is, you will never be able to satisfy each individual customer. That is unless you enhance your department with a customer service chatbot.

These automated conversation systems can engage with users, answer questions, provide product suggestions and do all of the above for each customer, regardless of platform they, the location they are calling from or the time of day.

AI chatbots are revolutionising customer interaction thanks to their personalisation, tracking and engagement capabilities. Getting started with chatbots is easier than ever thanks to an increasing number of reputable web developers providing chatbot creation, customisation and maintenance services.

AI-assisted analysis and optimisation

AI allows digital marketers to adopt a more proactive stance when it comes to analysing, monitoring and tracking data. AI-powered tools can analyse ads across multiple channels to find those which resonate best with a given target audience, allowing you to get a much higher ROI per ad.

AIs are also finding use in email automation thanks to their ability to determine the optimal content topics, subject lines, sending times, frequencies and more.

AI services and tools are also used for tracking marketing campaigns in real-time, while optimising for best times, lowest price-per-click and conversions on the fly.

Finally, AI content creation software can generate countless variations and permutations of a given copy template, which makes them perfect for highly personalised marketing content.

And as the processing power of our computers continues to increase in the coming years, the aforementioned capabilities of AI will grow as well.

Advanced data gathering capabilities

In our information-driven online economy, quality data commands a high price. Without adequate data, running even a simple online operation becomes a difficult task.

Fortunately, data mining is becoming something regular companies can now engage in, thanks to a wealth of available AI-powered data gathering solution.

Such AIs can quickly pull data from multiple sources, organise the results according to predetermined or procedurally generated criteria, and pass them on ready-made for consumption to digital marketers.

This enables them in turn to craft more effective digital marketing campaigns. AI systems can also continuously watch for changes in information, allowing them to track things like customer buying habits over long periods of time.

The insights you can acquire from a data-gathering AI would be akin to the knowledge a sales reps would have if they researched every single of their prospect in-depth.

The trends we have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of AI for digital marketing. As more and more commercial grade AI-based solutions start flooding the market in 2019, we can expect to see a further rise in marketing-related AI usage.

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