According to Nicole Glickman, head of copy at Brave Group, most South Africans during the Budget Speech are thinking about their own budgets, how the results will affect their back pockets and how they will reach their financial potential in the current economic climate.

"By harnessing the power and reach of electronic technology, we wanted to shed light on the budget outcome by advising South Africans that Momentum's range of products, team of advisors and services are designed to help South Africans respond to any challenges presented by the Budget Speech," says Glickman.

The execution

The opportunity was presented to the client on Friday, 15 February. A set of creatives went to MMI Holdings to engage with their economist and product houses as the Budget Speech was being delivered. Another creative team was on-site at the digital billboard, situated in Sandton's financial hub, to capture the moments live and upload them onto social media.

The verdict

The result of the combined effort was a real-time digital broadcast of the Budget outcomes, supplemented by Momentum’s range of products and services designed to help South Africans ease any burdens presented by the Budget.

This creative effort was also accompanied by posts on the Minister’s address on each of Momentum’s social media handles, as well as bought space in leading daily newspapers.

In a response to the campaign, Momentum praised the integrated effort between Brave Group, digital agency VML, Miliswa Sitshwele (in-house digital resource at Momentum) and PR agency MSL.

The collaborative effort made for a successful through-the-line campaign and helped communicate Momentum’s support of its clients on their journey to success.

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