"This win is very special to us, as we are Mirari Gin connoisseurs and love to play in the space of creativity, just like Mirari Gin Chief Distiller, Shanna-Rae Wilby," says Raffaele Mc Creadie, managing director of Decimal Agency.

The new journey with Mirari Gin and Decimal Agency will start on Friday, 1 March. The agency will handle all the digital communication of Mirari Gin, from the website development to the handling of all of the brand's social media communications.

"We’ve been handling our digital communications ourselves up until now. Previously, we could handle it together with the running of the business. But like all good things, we are growing and the demand for our product has increased drastically, which leaves us with less capacity to manage our communications," adds Wilby.

"This is the first time that we will entrust an agency with our social and digital work, but we believe that our account is in good hands, as it’s clear that the Decimal Agency team believes in and loves the brand as much as we do – it’s the perfect pairing," Wilby says.

Time Anchor is the first craft distillery in Johannesburg and is fully female-operated. 

"We are well on our way to building a global advertising agency, and clients like Mirari Gin coming on board and trusting us with their brand makes every step of this journey absolutely worth it," says Mc Creadie.

"This comes just weeks after we have incubated a public relations offering through our sister agency, Motions PR, which will also be handling the publicity around the campaigns we have lined up for the Mirari brand," concludes Mc Creadie.

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