When someone searches on a search engine, they have a need and are looking for an answer. The search engine returns, what it feels, are the most relevant answers for the query. The higher the results are on the search engine results page (SERP), the more likely it is to answer the query made.

SEO determines what organic results are returned. PPC regulates what advertisement results are displayed. Once you stop your PPC campaign for a particular set of keywords, your ads will no longer be displayed when a user makes a query using these keywords. However, even when you stop PPC, SEO will still ensure that your site still remains popular on the SERPs.

How to use integrate SEO and PPC into your strategy

When a site is first set up, it has a low SEO ranking. As such, it will be quite far down the SERP. At this stage, PPC is a good way of getting traffic to your site as it promotes front-page ads on Google even though your organic listings may not be that great.

You can also run PPC adverts on social media platforms such as Facebook. The social media giant has developed several advert types that have specific goals. One of them is getting traffic to your website.

At the same time as you are running your PPC campaign, work on building up your SEO score. You will do this by carefully constructing well-written articles on your business niche that showcase your talents in the area.

The search engine spider bots will see that your site has a depth of content on a particular topic. It will then rank your site more highly for queries relating to the topic of your website.

Never discount SEO or PPC

Search engines rank your site on how popular it is with readers. This means that you need to construct your site in a way that is pleasing to your reader so they will keep coming back. SEO will help you maintain this appeal to your audience.

But in order to make your site popular, PPC is the best way to go. You do not need unlimited funds to make a difference with PPC. All you need is a budget — however low it is — and a keen eye to monitor your results so that you can make changes as needed.

To get the delicate balance of SEO and PPC right, you need to have a thorough understanding of both concepts. Investing in an SEO and web analytics course and paid advertising and web analytics course will help you achieve this.

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