We see them all the time. Emails from professional people at top-brand businesses that sign off with email signatures that leave us exasperated — distorted logos, off-brand fonts, empty fields, missing images and nothing to engage the recipient. Without further ado, here are four reasons why your brand needs a great email signature:

1. You’re a professional, so why don’t your email signatures look professional?

You didn’t choose your company logo from clip-art, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all email signature template? There are many ways an email signature can make you look amateurish: off-brand fonts, empty fields and cluttered layouts (do you really need to mention every award?).

It might be a cliché, but first impressions really do count, and for your email signatures to make an immediate professional impact, you need a professional design.

2. You’ve got a great brand, so why aren’t your email signatures consistently branded?

Your brand is far more than just your logo, it’s a consistent set of values you deliver at every customer touch-point. Even once you’ve got a professional email signature design in place, it’s vital that it’s rolled out consistently on every employee email across your business.

And the only way to achieve this is by having centralised control. It's also important to find a signature that's totally tamper-proof so that it’s impossible for any employee to get ‘creative’ with their own signature independently.

3. You want real marketing results, so why are you missing out on a ‘hero’ marketing channel?

An interactive email signature creates so many engagement opportunities. Consider the numbers for a second. The average employee sends 1 000 emails a month, with an open rate of 99%.

That’s a lot of opportunities for their email signatures to drive visitors to your website, document downloads and social channels for very little investment. Add a compellingly clickable call-to-action, and suddenly you’ve got a new marketing channel to promote everything from exclusive offers to ebooks and events.

4. You give great customer service, so shouldn’t you expect the same from your email signature provider?

You know the difference great service makes, but somehow people don’t associate service with email signatures. Perhaps it’s because so many email signature providers’ service stops straight after set-up. 

It’s time to sort out your email signatures

A great business like yours deserves a great email signature — professional, on-brand, engaging, with tech you can trust and great customer service — just like your business.

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