The campaign will see NutriDay roll out a new television commercial (TVC), refreshed packaging, an educational smart fridge activation, new point-of-sale branding and digital communication.

According to NutriDay, its purpose is to nurture progress through South African mothers. The brand is committed to supporting these women and their families by providing them with quality products that give themselves and their families the daily strength they require.

As such, the brand has unveiled its commitment to tackle nutritional deficiencies within South Africa. Thus, the campaign aims to educate the public on the benefits of Nutriday and how the brand contributes towards making South African families ‘Strong Everyday’.

"South Africa’s Number One Yoghurt is helping families understand the benefits of key nutrients in their diet.  We are constantly driving education on why making conscious decisions based on nutrient intake is imperative to lowering deficiency rates in our country. And we’re still working with experts on ‘what next’ with regards to fortifying our yoghurts even further," says head of corporate affairs at Danone Southern Africa Marlinie Kotiah.

Kotiah says that NutriDay understands that families are under pressure and aims to provide convenient snacks that are also helping to meet children’s nutritional needs.

“Busy parents are struggling to balance work and family life. According to the 2017 Stats SA survey, 67% of mothers in South Africa are single parents. It’s important to help these families to develop healthy eating habits and to understand the benefits of eating a power-packed food,” Kotiah adds.

NutriDay will use ‘Strong Everyday with NutriDay’ to drive education and awareness to families across South Africa, to help them understand the importance of key nutrients and help guide them to healthier diet choices.   

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