"Our network of agencies is extremely important to us. When it comes to partnering with an agency, we look for those we can partner with and grow with, as well as agencies that have the ability to collaborate across our group and network," says Rob Laggar, marketing director of RCL FOODS.

"For this particular pitch, we didn’t just want an agency that could develop communications, we needed an agency that could understand what drives our customers," Laggar adds.

"Demographica demonstrated a sound approach and understanding of our business, and we believe they have the right skills and a new approach to the way we need to communicate to our B2B customers. We’re really looking forward to the journey ahead where they’ll assist us in unlocking the potential of our B2B business and brands," says Laggar.

"It’s great that they have recognised that they have a B2B business, which requires a specialist B2B agency — further validation that strong South African marketers are recognising the difference between B2B and B2C marketing," says Warren Moss, CEO of Demographica.

"Demographica is really looking forward to helping RCL FOODS amplify and grow their business in what is traditionally a very tough category," Moss adds.

Demographica aims to integrate with B2B marketing and sales teams within a brand to provide end-to-end support. Demographica’s focus is on growing revenue for their clients by bringing them new customers and by helping them grow their existing customers.

For more information, visit www.demographica.co.za. You can also follow Demographica on Facebook or on Twitter.