King Price’s partner for marketing, Natalie Bisset, says that viral success of their Do Something Sexy to a Tractor, Kettle Lobola and #BRAAAAAI ads placed their creative team under a lot of pressure to come up with the same thumb-stopping, thigh-slapping goods.

The latest ad sees a man attempting to romance a woman and being rebuffed with the line, 'I’m on my cycle'. The camera then pans out to show her sitting on an exercise bike.

"Our ads reflect that South Africans need to celebrate our differences and cultural diversity with a good dose of humour," adds Bisset. "Our brand tonality is light and fun. We want to take the ‘grudge’ out of insurance and, and if there’s an opportunity to make our clients, and our country, laugh, we’ll take it."

Bisset says that King Price’s business model has saved its clients nearly R150-million in decreasing premiums. "Paying the same to insure something that’s only ever worth less doesn’t make sense in anybody’s language," says Bisset. 

King Price says that, as well as making South Africa laugh and saving their clients money, it is also passionate about #MakingADifference and has attached a secondary campaign to its On My Cycle ad.

The insurer has partnered with The Dignity Campaign, an NGO that helps educate girls about issues relating to menstruation, and has committed to donating sanitary products for girls who attend The Dignity Campaign’s ‘Dignity Days’ in rural areas.

"Millions of South African girls miss a week of school every month because they don’t have access to sanitary products while they are menstruating. We’re really happy that we can use our ad for a higher purpose — to bring home a serious message around the dignity of our country’s women and girls," concludes Bisset.

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