"Leadhome is in an active growth phase, having increased its local property experts from two to 53 since launching in November 2015," says Lloyd Hobson, national sales manager of Leadhome.

"As a brand, we have developed a good understanding of the modern consumer and the associated property trends. We have a well-developed sense of agility and knew from early on [that] customers needed an alternative when buying or selling a home," adds Hobson.

According to Hobson, the market was ready for a company like Leadhome to be the game-changer — the fact that the company charges only R 39 995 plus VAT (payable on successful transfer), instead of commissions, typically between 5% and 7.5%, charged by the traditional agents, was considered a real win for customers.  

"I agree that the price point was, and is, our real disruptor, but what we set out to do was provide that alternative because of the use of technology. We looked at the antiquated business model of yesteryear, pre-Internet, and thought to link the best of the people in the industry with the best technology," says Hobson.

"South Africans really want that human touch, so we call our model a hybrid estate agency, where it is the best of the traditional model and the best of 21st-century technology combined," concludes Hobson.

According to Hobson, Leadhome will continue to grow its national presence and will ultimately target international markets, too.

For more information visit, www.leadhome.co.za. You can also follow Leadhome on Facebook or on Twitter.