The Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands surveys thousands of township consumers across the country on their favourite products and the brands they feel a sense of loyalty and commitment to. In addition to this year, J.C. le Roux achieved the award in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

"Innovation has led to J.C. Le Roux spearheading sparkling wine production in South Africa, regularly being the first to launch exciting new styles and varietals. We were the first in the country to launch a red sparkling wine, La Chanson, and the first sparkling wine made solely from Sauvignon Blanc grapes," says winemaker at J.C. Le Roux, Elunda Basson.

"To date, our Le Domaine is the leading sparkling wine in the country. We are passionate about bubbles and the fun they bring not only in making them but also every occasion and moment. It’s heart-warming to know that our consumers agree," Basson adds.

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