Carmen Murray, founder of Boo-Yah! and the Future Fit Networking Events, says, "On 2 May, we are taking it the Future Fit Networking Events up a notch. The event is themed around '#WokeFit: What WOKEness does to your brain' — a topic that is making many people uncomfortable, but is also a very important topic in the 21st century."

The line-up of speakers for the event include:

Timothy Maurice Webster 

Brain and Brain Science author and speaker Webster will focus on the link between 'Brain and Power' and 'Brand Influence'. He is the author of four bestselling books on human and brand behaviour.

His research, talks and media work explore the evolving trends in neuroscience and how professionals and organisations should think about how the brain processes identity, brand power and human behaviour.

Webster's interest is in leadership, brand influence and gender equality. He aims to connect and engage with those who seek to expand their influence and drive greater impact.

Tarryn Pickup

Pickup is a hypnotherapist at the Wellness Space and marketing head at Joe Public United. 

According to Boo-Yah!, her insight as a professional hypnotherapist and marketer is the perfect match for creativity and understanding the challenges that both individuals and businesses face in a time of being woke.

Rebone Masemola

Masemola is the founder of the Woke Project, a Tedx Speaker and a BET Marketer. Masemola has been given a spot in the top eight Youth Wonders in South Africa under the age of 30.

Masemola will be redefining what the idea of 'a seat at the table' looks like, and will aim to ensure that the next generation grows up in a world that reflects the diverse stories and the realities of people like them.

As an activist, Rebone will share real stories and thoughts on what it means to be woke and be more conscious as a brand and an individual.

Lotang Mokoena

Mokoena is a colourism activist, strategist at VML, speaker and has nabbed a spot on the top eight Youth Wonders in South Africa under the age of 30. She will share her message on the reality of 'coloursim'.

According to Mokoena, there is a new generation of black people coming up that the world was never prepared for. "The history of black people might not accurately be documented but the future is currently written and they are coming from all directions," she says.

Mokoena will ask the question: How do we as individuals and businesses become more woke and understand the realities of colourism?

Event details

Date: Thursday, 2 May 2019
Place: Joe Public United Rooftop
Time: 16:00 to 19:00 (drinks served afterward)
Cost per ticket: R275

Individuals can book their tickets here. There are limited seats available. 

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