AI-powered camera technology is making its way out of basement retail security offices and into C-level marketing suites.

"We specialise in facial recognition with a purpose. There is no homeland security creepiness here. Camera-centred AI is making a positive difference in the retail environment, where organised shoplifting rings are starting to feel the heat and customers are therefore safer," says Laurence Seberini, co-founder of Camatica.

According to Camatica, with its real-time facial recognition system, retailers have been able to use the local start-up’s mobile app and web interface to add potential shoplifters or troublemakers worthy of attention to a ‘hotlist’ that can be shared instantaneously.

"We’ve taken our hotlist functionality and tweaked it for CRM. This means growing numbers of high-value South African consumers will increasingly be recognised for the special VIP treatment they deserve as soon as they enter their favourite retail stores," adds Seberini.

"For marketers, the opportunities in facial recognition are endless. Camatica’s ability to measure unique store visits and specific behaviour by customer is hugely powerful," he says.

Potential applications of Camatica include the pairing of mobile and face recognition technology, which means high-value customers can be greeted via their mobile devices as soon as they walk in the door.

In-store special offers that expire soon for quick action can be tagged onto these personalised greetings. Additionally, repeat customers that have visited large department stores without making any of their usual purchases can be flagged for personal VIP attention as they move towards the exit. 

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