The takeover will include a change to the paper’s masthead — from Business Day to THE Business Day.

The takeover is being engineered by THE Glenlivet’s brand communications agency, Publicis Machine, which has been instrumental in developing the brand’s ‘THE’ campaign over the past year.

"Business Day is a natural choice, given that it is 'THE' definitive business read, 'THE' leader in its field and 'THE' first choice for business leaders around the country," says the team at Publicis Machine.

"THE Glenlivet is 'THE' definitive single malt scotch whisky, with credentials that include being 'THE' first licensed distillery in Scotland, 'THE' creator of the term ‘single malt’ and 'THE' first brand to put the term 'single malt' on its label. It’s also the first and only single malt that inspired a whole region called Speyside, which produces the world's favourite style of single malt whisky," the team adds. 

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