The theme of this year’s congress is ‘The Fame Game’. The FEPE International Congress is an event for the global out-of-home industry and aims to recognise key players and technical developments changing the OOH landscape.

The three contenders, Exterion Media, Ocean Outdoor and Primedia Outdoor, were given the opportunity to present their technical innovation and, for the first time this year, the winner of the FEPE International Technology and Innovation Award was chosen by delegates attending the annual congress.

According to Primedia Outdoor, its showcasing of its Immediate Integration of Other Media Platforms with DOOH is at the forefront of harnessing new technologies and reimagining how marketers can effectively engage audiences through their latest technical innovative product offering, Social Wall and Radio-to-Road.

The Social Wall offering aims to demonstrate the synergy of social media and DOOH as an ideal pairing for an interactive and engaging multi-channel campaign, whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms to be displayed onto Primedia Outdoor’s DOOH assets.

Radio-to-Road, in collaboration with Primedia Broadcasting, is a first-to-market innovation. This offering is a multi-channel solution that aims to synchronise audio and visual channels to enhance the impact of advertising communication by delivering both an audio and a visual advert for the same campaign, simultaneously.

"It is an incredible achievement to have been selected as one of the top three nominees for this year’s Technical and Innovation Award," says Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor.

"It serves to confirm that Primedia Outdoor is on par with global standards for technical innovation. We continuously strive to push boundaries to deliver engaging and memorable OOH campaigns, fuelled by technology," adds Roberts.

Primedia Outdoor says it would like to congratulate Ocean Outdoor for being selected as the winner of the Technology and Innovation Award at the 2019 FEPE International Annual Congress.

Ocean Outdoor was voted the winner for their ‘Ocean Rescue’ technical innovation. Furthermore, it would like to thank FEPE International for the opportunity to showcase its initiatives at the 60th FEPE Annual Congress.

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