According to NetFlorist, for over a decade, the much-loved character who commented about current affairs and gave witty relationship advice was first employed to cut through the media clutter on South Africa’s airwaves.

And, in 2014, he made his television debut, also in a Mother’s Day campaign.

“Bra Gift — like NetFlorist — takes gift-giving very seriously. So much so that he’s a triple G; a ‘Great-Gift-Giver’, and he’s been around long enough to know that it’s not just the ‘thought’ that counts, but it’s about being nice with a gift that goes a long way. I think he’s going to prove invaluable to the NetFlorist team going forward,” says NetFlorist CEO, Ryan Bacher.

The team at NetFlorist says he’s a grown-up Mkhulu who has never outgrown his need to be relevant across generations.

“His role at NetFlorist is to counter the negativity and meanness that can often permeate our daily lives by encouraging South Africans to get back to basics and … to just be nice,” adds FCB creative director, Suhana Gordhan.

“In addition, the way he expresses himself, and the way he uses language, is unique to South Africa. He speaks in a truly South African voice — Tsotsitaal, a combination of English, isiZulu, Setswana and Afrikaans. It’s very refreshing, truly relatable and highly engaging,” says Gordhan.


The ad was created by Gordhan, copywriter Nhlanhla Ngcobo, art directors Luzuko Witbooi and Fezi Mpembe. It is based on a strategy built by Kabelo Lehlongwane and Nozibele Chabeli.

"We chose Tsotsitaal, which evolved from Flaaitaal, for several reasons. It’s the unofficial 12th language of South Africa; it’s the national anthem of urban and informal communication and is still hugely relevant to so many South Africans," says Ngcobo.

"Although its roots are from the Tsotsi culture in Sophiatown, the language has become widespread and, because it is spoken daily by the majority of South Africans, it has a vast cultural appeal across the country," concludes Ngcobo.

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