As part of this, Spotify will be showcasing a diverse range of content that will aim to strike a chord in each market.

"Spotify has transformed the way people find and enjoy music and podcasts, giving people around the world easy access to the content they can’t get enough of, as well as the ability to discover new favourites along the way," says June Sauvaget, global head of consumer and product marketing at Spotify.

"This multifaceted campaign sets the stage as we seek to deepen our connection with the people who already know and love Spotify. [The campaign also aims to] cultivate relationships and moments of discovery in areas of the world where we are looking to expand," Sauvaget adds.

In markets where Spotify has a strong presence, the campaign’s goal is to deepen its relationship with its core millennial users and drive consideration among other audiences.

The integrated campaign will employ OOH, digital, TV, radio, and social in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States and will feature playlists like Beast Mode and Songs in the Shower, plus popular podcasts such as Over My Dead Body.

According to Spotify, consumers will also be treated to three film vignettes (Beast Mode, Songs In The Shower and Over My Dead Body) that highlight every day, relatable moments and show the value Spotify and its playlists can add to anyone’s day, including solo car singalongs, shower jam sessions and taking the stairs over the escalator.

Inspired by social media meme culture, the digital and OOH campaign creative aims to highlight how Spotify users interact with each other and the world with the tagline 'music for every mood'.

The second part of the campaign will live in areas of the world where Spotify will have the opportunity to expand its presence with its audience in South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, France, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Spain.

In these markets, the company aims to lean into the concept of 'what’s next'. The creative also aims to underscore that Spotify is the best way to discover new music anywhere and encourages audiences to see the platform as the best way to make music more a part of their lives.

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