"Understanding our customer has always been of paramount importance to Canal Walk," says Camilla Lor, regional marketing executive for Hyprop Investments Limited.

"Being relevant to our customer within the societal context in which they live, work and play is key to our overall success, and so we turned to influential content creators within our very community to assist in delivering our brand message," Lor adds.

The '#CWSquad' is made up of Nadia Jaftha, Aqeelah Harron Ally and Paula Lakay; three women that will, over the next year, aim to showcase the best Canal Walk has to offer across over 400 stores.

When considering candidates for the campaign, Canal Walk says it was important for its marketing team that each squad member selected was not only already a friend of the brand, but also a greatly admired social media content creator offering their followers relevant and entertaining content.

"During the selection process, we naturally gravitated towards Jaftha, Harron Ally and Lakay because they effortlessly reflect who our customers are," adds Lor. "From meeting friends for coffee and a catch up, doing a spot of wedding shopping, indulging in a shopping spree or two, grabbing a bite to eat or taking in a movie, Canal Walk has been part of these ladies’ lives every step of the way."

"What makes the '#CWSquad' so impactful is not only are they respected and revered by their followers but that they are genuine Canal Walk customers," says Lor. "Customers no longer respond to disruptive, non-consumer centric content; they respond to recommendations from those they trust and admire."

Meet the '#CWSquad'

Nadia Jaftha

Jaftha, known as the 'Content Queen' by her following, creates pranking videos and relatable content. 

Individuals can follow Jaftha on Instagram or YouTube.

Aqeelah Harron-Ally

Harron-Ally aims to be on the pulse of modest fashion styling and the latest beauty trends by means of her vlog. Along with her husband Malick, she loves travelling the world and capturing their adventures. She has a vision for her brand, Fashion Breed.

Individuals can follow Harron-Ally on Instagram or YouTube

Paula Lakay

Most know her as 'Ms Paula Bee' through Instagram and her blog, but she recently got married to become 'Mrs Lakay'. She aims to give her followers beauty tips and tricks and captures her life through vlogs.

Individuals can follow Lakay on Instagram or YouTube

Month-by-month, Canal Walk will offer its shoppers a more in-depth look into each #CWSquad member’s life and will aim to highlight their unique style by means of in-centre marketing touchpoints as well as via its direct marketing, digital and social media platforms.

For more information, visit www.canalwalk.co.za. You can also follow Canal Walk Shopping Centre on Facebook or on Twitter.