Enartis presents a new concept for its positioning — 'Inspiring Innovation' — that better describes where the company wants to focus and the purpose that has driven Enartis from the past to the future.

"We needed to represent ourselves more consistently and with greater impact on the market," says Samuele Benelli, business director, Enartis International. "The company has always invested in research and innovation, but the last few years have seen an increase in this regard."

"Every year, more than two million euros are invested and have generated application solutions that are rewriting the pages of enology: just think of the success of Zenith, the first stabilizer made from potassium polyaspartate. An innovation that, after the first year, has already exceeded the highest sales expectations."

"Our next goal is to use our new website, newsletter and more active social media presence to increase customer engagement and satisfaction," says Maria Elena Luccerini, Enartis brand and communications manager. "We want to customide the experience to best suit our customers’ needs and preferences."

With over 15 years since the launch of the brand (and with almost 100 years of experience in the field of enology with parent company, Esseco Group), Enartis says it is realising results inspired by a clear vision of its role as a market leader, and its constant communication with winemakers from around the world.

The new logo, represented by its blue and red in the centre, aims to tell the story of a company that meets the needs of a constantly evolving market, and which knows how to combine competence and passion, quality and relationships to give a constant contribution to the improvement of wines and cellars.

For more information, visit www.enartis.com. You can also follow Enartis on Facebook.