So, what if there was a way to improve your internal marketing by engaging with individual employees personally and efficiently while also measuring their uptake? A ‘hero’ internal marketing channel, perhaps?

Well, there’s one channel that HR managers and teams can harness every day as the company’s most influential internal marketing, communication and engagement platform.

Employees around the world send each other millions of normal Outlook emails every day. What if these emails could be injected with eye-catching, employee-specific internal marketing campaigns?

This will be the first thing they see when they open each email — something that is instantly engaging, clickable, interactive and ideal for a range of important information announcements. Basically, the smartest (and most cost-effective) internal marketing opportunity there is.

It’s time to make smarter use of your biggest form of daily communication.

Here are seven internal email campaigns ideas to engage your employees, strengthen your company culture and drive real performance results:

1. The 'internal news' campaign

Ensure your employees never miss an important announcement. Connect, inform and motivate your staff daily with a video message that you or your team can easily record on an iPhone and apply to every email.

2. The 'welcome on board' campaign

Welcome aboard! Welcome and educate new joiners with clever internal campaigns about your company culture, product training info and ‘how things are done around here’.

3. The 'company templates' campaign

Centralise your branded templates — from PowerPoint sales presentations to policy documents and — and link your employees to the important documents and files they need to read or use.

4. The 'training and events' campaign

Attention team! Advertise important team training sessions and internal events to ensure everyone puts the date in their diary and nobody misses out.

5. The 'recruitment' campaign

The job’s yours. Let your staff know about vacancies they can either apply for themselves or spread the word to interested applicants.

6. The 'anonymous tip-off' campaign

Give your staff the power to tip you off privately about any bad or unproductive behaviour so you can root-out risky practices, inefficiencies and trouble-making team members.

7. The 'staff survey' campaign

How are things going? Find out by running survey banners at the top of your internal emails on everything from how happy your staff is to where they want the Christmas party.

For all these internal marketing campaigns, you’re in complete central control, so you can decide the message, how it looks, who it’s sent to and when to run it.

No doubt, improved employee experiences will lead to improved customer experiences. After all, customer buying decisions are influenced more and more by experience, and the key to this experience is through your employees (the people your customers talk to, meet, get emails from, etc.)

It’s time to deliver on this. Make your internal email your internal marketing ‘hero’ channel.

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