The selling position aims to provide brands with an opportunity to maximise reach in high-income and high LSM/SEM areas of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

According to Primedia Outdoor, the Primelites are supported with currency data from ROAD and are all located in premium positions, making this offering intelligent, targeted and seamless for tactical impactful campaigns.

Effective from Monday, 1 July, all Primelites will be sold on a weekly basis, allowing brands to rotate their adverts every seven days, four times a month. With coverage in Gauteng, these 3m x 6m roadside billboards are positioned to increase impact and reach of a campaign.

What a brand was able to achieve over a one-month period can now be achieved over two weeks with the new package options from Primedia Outdoor. 

As part of this weekly rotation initiative across an entire holding, Primedia Outdoor has implemented four flighting zones across Gauteng. Through a facilitated weekly booking system, all sites will only rotate within the relevant zones. For instance, when a Zone 1 site rotates, it will only rotate to another site within Zone 1. The weekly rotations are based on a calendar year and start from week one to week 52.

"We are redefining the game and making our Primelites more dynamic but still remaining a cost-effective medium to showcase all brands. Traditional roadside static billboards continue to be a powerful medium to reach the consumers and maximise brands position in the market," says Jorja Wilkins, marketing services executive of Primedia Outdoor.

She adds, "Offering weekly rotations on our Primelites, which are ideal for short-term tactical campaigns, reflects our commitment to ultimately deliver an optimised reach of an audience, intelligently and seamlessly, bringing campaign success for all of our clients."

Located on main arterials, intersections and around shopping districts, Primedia Outdoor’s Primelites are internally illuminated, providing 24-hour exposure with a flex face flighting system that aims to allow for quick creative change across the entire holding.

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