The company has achieved a 92% compliment rate on Hellopeter and a Trust Index of 9.8 out of 10, with more than 11 000 positive reviews over the last year. 

"We are incredibly proud of our ratings on Hellopeter and always take our clients’ feedback to heart. We also know that this could not have happened without our staff going out of their way every single day to ensure that we deliver quality service," says head of client services at MiWay, Greta Goosen.

"It is encouraging that, in a world where so much can go wrong, our clients recognise our efforts in striving to keep our promise of enabling them to live their way," adds Goosen.

CEO of Hellopeter Alon Rom says, "MiWay has been the number one ranked insurer on Hellopeter for the past five years, showing that their dedication to customer service is a consistent effort and top priority."

MiWay recently launched a campaign to thank all of its clients who left positive reviews on the platform about their service experience with the company.

"I phoned MiWay on Wednesday, 15 May for a roadside emergency. The consultant who helped me over the phone confirmed my details and logged a call for me. Within a minute, I got the ref number and within another minute the roadside mechanic confirmed my ref number and he was in my house within 10 minutes.

"That was amazing and fantastic service, and I am really impressed with the excellent service received from MiWay," says Amos D in his review about MiWay.

Goosen says MiWay staff understand that people don’t insure 'things' but insure what those things enable in their lives and that is why they go all out to minimise disruption in their clients’ lives.

"We encourage our clients to give us constructive feedback — be it positive or negative — so that we continuously improve on our service and build trust. An independent and transparent platform like Hellopeter keeps the industry accountable," says Goosen.

"We know that it’s the power of the consumer’s voice that builds reputation and that has kept us at the number one spot for so many years," she concludes.

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