"It gives me great pleasure to announce changes in the management structure of Hive Digital Media, effective Monday, 1 July of this year," says Marc du Plessis, group executive: digital investments at Caxton.

"In his role as chief revenue officer, Parmeshan will oversee the sales, PR, brand management, trade marketing and finance units, as well as work with Ashleigh on the programmatic and data divisions, while Kristin as chief operations officer will manage the channel, marketing services, traffic, adops, story studio (content production) and HR functions of the business," du Plessis adds.

"Both Parmeshan and Kristin have been with the group for several years now, are well respected by their teams and are backed by an established client base,” says Marc.

Du Plessis says the business has taken the strategic decision to split its digital sales unit from SPARK Media in order for each business unit to concentrate on the platforms they know and can best represent, giving their clients the best service and value possible.

The executive committee of Hive Digital Media will immediately begin planning for the new fiscal and embedding the new structure while focussing its energy and B2B messaging on offerings such as LNN (Local News Network), All4Women, Health Spas, Guzzle and Ignition (programmatic offering). SPARK Media will once again focus solely on being the strategic sales arm for Caxton Local Newspapers.

For more information, visit www.sparkmedia.co.za. You can also follow SPARK Media on Facebook.