"We believe that we have now developed the perfect recipe to take Restaurant Business magazine forward in a way that meets the needs of clients, agencies and readers," says Hilary Ward of Cimarron Media, which has published Restaurant Business magazine for almost a decade.

The magazine has been streamlined to offer three main advertising and content marketing opportunities:

1. Company Press Offices

According to Restaurant Business, its Press Offices are a content marketing offering that has worked well in the IT, media and engineering sectors. The offering is an effective way for businesses from blue chip to SME to reach industry buyers, from fast food to fine-dining, every day.

It is also useful for brand activations, news announcements, financial reports, new product launches, competitions, events, etc. where immediacy is important for the duration of a campaign. Links from the web portal are additionally posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Readers include chefs, restaurants, hotels, caterers, franchises, QSRs, foodie consumers, etc. The package is R12 000 a year and includes:
  • A front-page publication of at least 12 news releases a year that remain on the site, dropping down to searchable industry categories
  • A permanent company Press Office that acts as an online supplier guide
  • A free banner advert and coverage in the quarterly magazine and newsletters emailed to the target market

2. Quarterly online magazine

Our quarterly online magazine continues the ‘above-the-line’ print format online. It is circulated free to 10 000 readers by email, on social media as well as Issuu, and is downloadable from the website.

Four issues are published each year in March/April, May/June, July/August and September/October. This aims to align with the industry’s seasonal nature and planning/buying patterns.

3. Website news portal

The website is not just a showcase for the magazine, but an online news portal for South Africa’s restaurant and foodservice industry. The website holds the centre for all of the publication's offerings and offers standard website advertising opportunities.

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit www.rbmag.co.za. You can also follow Restaurant Business on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.