According to Joe Public United, the concept includes women who add their voice and share their stories, bringing a relevant and much-needed dialogue to the fore. The concept did not prescribe script lines to the narrators but rather let them authentically share their stories.

The latest stories feature Stacey-Lee May, a motorsport enthusiast; Karabo Poppy, an award-winning illustrator, digital designer and street artist; Zulaikha Patel, an activist for women’s rights; and Robyn Brophy, a performer and choreographer.

"As a brand, we acknowledge the power in storytelling and the history that our brand has played in South African people’s lives. We partnered with the very capable and talented crew at Joe Public who helped us pull this all together," says Bradley Knowles, group marketing executive, Skye Distribution.

"[They] created this platform where we were able to share truthful narratives about what makes South Africans truly unique under the banner of our campaign — 'All the Stories Are True'," adds Knowles.

The film is packaged as a 60” that is flighting in cinema with a 45” cut-down for TV, while shorter versions that focussed on the women’s individual stories and journeys are available live online.

The 2019 real-life ‘All The Stories Are True’ campaign aims to uplift and inspire women throughout South Africa so they can share the things they do and challenge the norm.

"As creative partners at Joe Public, we have a responsibility to grow our clients’ brands. But more importantly, we need to make sure that we deliver on a creative product that is relevant, important and critical to our country at large. These films and narratives aim to go beyond advertising as they shape perceptions and our world at large," concludes Xolisa Dyeshana, chief creative officer, Joe Public United.

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