However, it’s important to understand what drives influencers and what they look for in their collaborations with brands.

Here are five things that drive influencers to your brand:

1. Professionalism

When you’re communicating with partners and collaboration stakeholders, whether or not they’re influencers, professionalism is a baseline that is expected by all. This is more than just spell-checking your messages, and responding to communications promptly.

You need to also show respect for all parties, their other commitments, goals and deadlines. Influencers want to see that you will treat them as professionals and with respect and, in return, they will engage with your brand, bringing traffic and sales toward your products and services.

2. Compensation and monetary rewards

Although some influencers will be happy to work simply for exposure, no one that’s worth it should work for free. Brand collaboration doesn’t always work in the influencer’s favor, and new bloggers don’t always feel confident or comfortable charging brands. If you consider that your influencer is an investment, and can add some value to your marketing strategy, why should they work for free?

If you can’t offer payment or you want to wait and see how the partnership works, you should, at a minimum, be giving your influencer free products, tickets or vouchers. Monetary rewards and the opportunity to get free merchandise is also a highly rated incentive for influencers.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Influencer marketing is extremely popular these days, so influencers have to work really hard to find a way to stand out from their competitors. When they receive collaboration requests from brands, they have to consider whether it’s a good fit for them and how it will help them rise above the competition.

It helps if your brand has a realistic narrative with the influencer, as it will help sell the product by seeming more authentic. No one will buy into a sponsored post from an influencer that looks like a tacky old school advertisement.

Influencers will look at your website and social media to learn more about your company’s image and whether it will suit their personal goals and story. A common reason for influencers to accept a collaboration is the exposure it could give them.

Caitlyn Dabitz, a marketing manager at Big assignments and OX Essays, says that "it’s important that companies don’t just reach out to any influencer. Do your research, even if it takes time, and choose an influencer that fits with your image and your brand and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship". 

4. Career progression

Perhaps, most importantly, influencers are always trying to expand their reach and audiences, and this translates to their brand collaborations. Finding valuable content for their communities is very important to influencers, as it’s not only about having more followers but also creating an engaged community among their followers.

With this in mind, influencers will be on the lookout for brands that allow them to branch out to different audiences, whether it’s adding to their own followers or fostering a healthy relationship between the influencer and the brand’s supporters (your clients).

5. Offer experience

Influencers are more likely to participate in your marketing campaign if it allows them to look for new experiences. Kelsey Brock, a communication manager at Stateofwriting and Eliteassignmenthelp, recommends that you "take the time to understand the influencer’s work, as they often also have experience in content creation. This can help you have a positive interaction and working relationship since you’re both in the same field".

In 2019, it’s become even more important to change your outreach methods; gone are the days of cold calls or generic ads. Influencer marketing is the new way to reach audiences because it shows more than a product, but also a lifestyle, and puts a more personal feel to the business.

Not to mention, influencers target a key demographic — if well implemented. 

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