According to HelloFCB+, the campaign insight was built around the fact that Father’s Day gifts are often 'below average' — a ‘world’s best dad’ mug, a braai tool, socks ... again. "Even a piece of macaroni art to hang on the office wall. After all, it’s the thought that counts," says the team at HelloFCB+.

THE Glenlivet aimed to persuade fathers to use these gifts to their advantage. By photographing the gifts and tagging THE Glenlivet on social media channels, a professional analysed each piece and let fathers know what discount it was worth, thereafter sending them to to redeem a discount on a bottle of THE Glenlivet.

"This campaign proves that it is possible to make e-commerce creative and alluring — and that a human truth will always pave the way for effective work," concludes Mike Barnwell, CCO of HelloFCB+.

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