"We are extremely honoured to have Archbishop Tutu being inducted into the South African Hall of Fame at the awards. This contributes significantly to the stature of our event, and we could not have hoped for a better way to launch this initiative," says Yvonne Johnston, chairperson of the MAA council.

"Excellence in marketing is central to the success of businesses, and successful businesses, in turn, contribute to overall economic empowerment and upliftment in South Africa," adds Johnston.
"Archbishop Tutu will be one of the most deserved South African Hall-of-Famers of all time for the inspiration and legacy he left to all South Africans." – Johnny Burger
The MAA encourages individuals to attend and to celebrate Archbishop Tutu’s achievements at the awards and summit, which aims to become a premier networking event for marketers who are interested in creating a vibrant and empathy driven culture for marketing in South Africa.

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