Email marketing has many benefits and is a highly effective channel that can take the lead or compliment other digital channels, such as banners and paid search.

Here are seven ways to achieve a hardworking email marketing campaign:

1. Use multi-channel integration

Consumers prefer content tailored to their needs so that they don't need to do additional work to find what is relevant to them. Multi-channel integration, such as QR-codes and tailored landing pages, get users right where they need to be in as few clicks as possible.

Simplicity is key; 90% of retailers report that simple, integrated emails get the best results.

2. Include strong visual elements

Strong, compelling visual imagery isn’t just aesthetically appealing, it also helps convey the key message and reduces the need for too much intimidating copy.

3. Create an interactive experience

Users want convenience and ease-of-use such as one-click reviews, purchasing and returns, or whatever your conversion requirement is. Think of your email marketing as effective sales or customer service through a digital platform, in real-time.

4. Utilise live-content

Whether your campaign is for awareness, education or engagement, live-content keeps users intrigued. This could either include a live countdown timer, live scores, streaming of an event or even rich media. It’s interactive, captivating and effective.

5. Improve accessibility for disabled users

Be it Siri, Alexa or Google Home, tech is available for all audiences including visually impaired, hearing impaired or physically disabled users.

6. Create great subject lines, and avoid bad ones

Be adventurous and engaging with your subject line. When a user receives an email, the subject line determines whether it will be read or trashed.

On the other hand, spam filters have improved tremendously, so take care when writing subject lines.

In fact, you should stay away from:
  • Caps lock, because who wants to be yelled at by an email?
  • Punctuation marks and obscure symbols are triggers of spam filters.
  • Language such as 'free', 'act now', 'visit our website', 'for a limited time only' and 'guarantee' 
  • Being too sales-y
The best subject lines suggest and intrigue users to read more. In addition to a well-crafted email campaign, the benefits are substantial through the implementation of the following:

  • The correct databases on hand, which can be customised by interests, region and language
  • The correct tools
  • Constant growth through the creation of new databases
Additionally, try to send four emails per month instead of one as this will significantly increase the number of users opening the email. 

Each of the benefits is not just measurable through data, but also clear KPIs to ensure a significant ROI is gained.

This is measured through,
  • Open rate per mail sent out
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Number of emails shared
  • Number of social shares
  • Database growth
  • Delivery and bounce rates
Consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day, make sure yours is targeted, relevant, engaging and easy for your target market. This makes your desired conversions achievable, which will assist with your objectives.

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