SEACOM’s new look aims to reflect its positioning in the ICT marketplace to guide customers through their digital transformation. According to SEACOM, its brand represents the glowing light that quickly and reliably links businesses to the perfect solution for their needs.

To show this from a visual perspective, SEACOM has developed a new style that aims to be more accessible to its customers and the market. In doing so, the company says it has injected an element of tangibility and approachability.

The market can expect a different visual language direction, featuring a colour palette with luminous lights against a black backdrop as well as a fully-updated website from the company.

SEACOM CEO Byron Clatterbuck says, "Our recent acquisitions are part of our greater growth story for Africa. And with that in mind, a complete refresh of SEACOM’s corporate identity became essential to illustrate and communicate the expansion of our data services portfolio. [The] bold new identity reinvigorates the SEACOM brand and personifies the digital revolution taking place in Africa." 

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