Charlie Stewart, Rogerwilco CEO, says, "Craig’s experience marries creativity with performance marketing. His mandate is to work alongside our creative business intelligence and performance marketing teams to identify insights that’ll enable our clients to better connect with their customers." 

Over the past few years, Rogerwilco has made an investment in building its creative department while simultaneously engaging with marketing technology platforms that will help clients refine their precision marketing.

According to Hannabus, the widespread adoption of 'martech' (or marketing technology) is creating a new breed of advertising agency. "It’s no longer good enough to only be a creative agency or just to specialise in performance marketing. To succeed in today’s landscape, agencies need a blended team of strategists, creatives and data scientists. Rogerwilco has been working towards this for a while, and I’m delighted to join them on the next step of their journey," he adds.

Prior to joining Rogerwilco, Hannabus was head of digital at Havas Boondoggle where he worked with clients in the finance, auto, hospitality and airline sectors. In his role, he built digital capabilities within the agency to ensure digital profitability. He also headed up team management and developed ways to attract and retain top talent.

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