According to Boomtown, digital marketing has changed rapidly over the years and entrepreneurs and brands are increasingly relying on the medium to deliver results.

"Increased awareness of the value of digital marketing has driven the agency's focus in this direction," says Andrew MacKenzie, MD of Boomtown. "New and existing clients are trusting digital more and it's not just part of an integrated campaign — it is leading campaigns. Because of this growth, we needed to bolster the department," MacKenzie adds.

Marais will lead the agency's innovative thinking forward by placing 'paid social media' and 'always-on content' into communications strategies. Marais will oversee and create content for campaigns and concepts and will manage digital and social campaigns with a community management team. 

"As digital grows, consumers and brands are becoming more aware that it's not just about growing numbers; it's about creating engagement. Are we converting, or merely driving traffic? Are we resonating with consumers' values, or attracting the wrong market? If so, what's the solution?" says Marais.

The rapidly growing digital team is currently working on three emotive campaigns: a Heritage Month campaign for a South African coffee brand, a digital marketing campaign for Sovereign Foods and a Bronx Woman campaign.

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