The 'FM Creative Challenge' aims to provide the opportunity for agencies to connect their clients' brand messaging with current news events and headlines. It also strives to create tactical print ads for the opportunity of free placement in the Financial Mail magazine.

"Owing to the outstanding quality of work we've seen in previous years, as well as the high levels of competition between agencies, we've upped the stakes for this year's entries," says Eben Gewers, head of advertising at Tiso Blackstar.

Rob Rose, Financial Mail editor, will choose ads by agency teams to publish in the printed edition of the Financial Mail. Each team chosen will receive a R5 000 shopping voucher.

The advertisement will also be submitted as an entry in the Best Tactical Print Ad category of the prestigious FM AdFocus Awards. All the 'FM Creative Challenge' finalists will be invited to an exclusive lunch with the editor.

The overall agency winner of the 'FM Creative Challenge' will be announced at the FM Adfocus Awards in November. In addition to the accolade (and R20 000 worth of shopping vouchers), the winning agency will be rewarded with a full-page advert in FM AdFocus to promote either the agency or a client of their choice, as well as an editorial feature on the agency and the winning creative team.

While the Financial Mail offers weekly coverage of investment, business, and political trends, the FM Life section focuses on travel, food and wine, entertainment, art and design. Financial Mail additionally covers property, as well as technology, and the latest apps and gadgets.

Gewers says the 'FM Creative Challenge' is an ‘outstanding’ platform to showcase creative excellence and the ongoing effectiveness of print advertising.

"It's an opportunity for copywriters and art directors to flex their creative muscles and deliver something special and impactful for their clients — and the high net worth Financial Mail reading audience," he says.

All weekly winners and shortlisted ads will be hosted on the publication's website for the duration of the campaign.

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