Videos are great because you can use them in every single platform, whether it is your landing page, social media accounts, email or some other type of platforms. 

Need more convincing? Here are nine reasons why more businesses should use video for marketing:

1. Video boosts traffic to your site

With video, you have a chance to rank above authority sites. Just imagine the volume of traffic you will receive if you get those featured spots. Also, people spend more time on a blog post with videos, which improves the time spent by users on your site. A study by Effy shows that social videos get 1 200% more shares than other kinds of content.

2. It lets you appeal to the local market

According to a study by Think with Google, modern consumers look for videos related to the product before purchasing from a retailer. It shows immense importance for even local stores to focus on marketing video production.

By creating an explainer video, you can explain the process of using the product or show its importance that can encourage prospects to take action.

3. Video effectively communicates your brand story

Every brand has something to share, and that includes your company as well. You can make a video about your brand values, objectives and what you are trying to accomplish with your business. By sharing a brand story, you will build a rapport with prospective customers.

People are more eager to purchase a product from a brand that they love. With an alluring brand story, you can create brand awareness and have space in their heart.

4. It skyrockets your conversion rate

No matter how much traffic you get, it won't matter if you can't make a sale. It is crucial to increase your conversion rate if you are to increase your profit. There are plenty of things you can do to boost your conversion rate, and one of the most effective ways to do that is via a video.

Image sourced from Blue Corona

A study by Insivia shows that integrating a video can improve your conversion rate on your landing page by as high as 80%. By having a great sales letter combined with an explainer video or a product video, you will see a massive boost in your sales. Just try using various types of videos for customers in multiple stages of the buying cycle to get the best outcome from your efforts.

5. It builds a personal connection with your audience

There is no better way to create a personal relationship with your audience than video content. Have you ever felt like you know somebody after watching a few videos by a creator? Many people think that way, which is the reason why influencer marketing has multiplied over the years.

The people who have been following you on social media over a certain period will see you as an authority about the subject. According to a recent report by hypertext, over 26 million South Africans spend around three hours of their time on social media platforms. Just imagine getting in front of consumers with your videos.

When you stop being pushy and share your knowledge with videos, you will make them eager to do business with you.

6. Mobile users love videos

According to recent statistics, over 80% of South Africans now have access to smartphones. One study by shows that most of the South Africans purchase from South African local sites. Among those buyers, most of them make their purchase via their smartphone.

Image sourced from Business Insider

More and more people are opting to consume videos via mobile phones. The increase in m-commerce and video consumption via smartphone means that you will get more sales if you publish and promote videos.

7. It showcases your products effectively

A video is a great way to showcase your product and make people understand the benefits of the product. Some of the products that you sell might require you to show a demo. For instance, you could show a demo on how to use a unique kitchen product or a walkthrough of software if you are selling an application.

8. You'll achieve a higher retention rate

Humans process information in visuals, which is the reason why most of us enjoy visual content a lot.

Image sourced from Business2Community

The more your prospects understand and retain the information, the better your chance of capturing a lead or making a sale. An explainer video, full of key insights, can offer a great value to your audience in a short amount of time.

9. You can ask customers to show you how much they love your product

People tend to trust online reviews, and most Internet users check out the product review before making a purchase. Another factor that significantly contributes to sales is social proof. Just ask your existing customers to create videos reviews and see the magic.

Every company says that its offering is fantastic, but it does not win the trust of the prospects. If you manage to collect video testimonials, you will significantly boost the confidence among your audience. Also, ask your customers to go live and connect with other viewers to get desired results.

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