The results of the survey were released by Ask Afrika, South Africa's largest independent market research company, on Sunday, 25 August. The Ask Afrika Icon Brands Annual Awards recognises brands that South Africans use most loyally.

"Offering our clients excellent service, superior value products and fair treatment at all times is a big part of the MiWay DNA," says René Otto, MiWay CEO. "Winning the car insurance category affirms that we are providing a service and products that people identify with and value. This acknowledgement is the highest consumer tribute that any company can aspire to." 

MiWay was one of 50 brands out of an initial field of 227 categories identified for 'Icon brand status' for 2019. The survey canvassed the views of 23 346 consumers to ascertain their feelings about the brands they encounter every day. Thousands of brands and product categories in 19 sectors were included in the survey.

"For MiWay, the significance of this award goes beyond the prestige that it accords our brand and services," says Otto. "We know that the power of a brand lies in the hands and hearts of consumers." 

"This award is an acknowledgement that we have reached a significant place in a market that is highly competitive; the MiWay brand is a favourite that is respected by the South African public and their support has made MiWay an icon in the industry," adds Otto.

"We look forward to building an even stronger future, based on our brand promise that we go out of our way to ensure that our clients live their way. [We will be] offering products and services that not only meet the needs of South African consumers but also show that we understand that what we provide is more than just insurance," Otto concludes.

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