"We are thrilled to welcome Tanya onboard our close-knit community of parents," says Amanda Rogaly, founder of the platform. "Tanya's editorial strength and experience resonates with the BabyYumYum offering, [which is] content-driven." 

Kovarsky's strategic input is intended to resonate with the portal's commitment to authentic, straightforward talk, showing parenthood 'in all its wonder and imperfections'.

Additionally, through her previous experience as editor of women's and parenting magazines — Living and Loving, Essentials and Cleo — Kovarsky aims to bring a deep understanding of the inter-relationship between content, audience and opportunities.

"BabyYumYum has always been a dynamic brand, pioneering out-of-the-box opportunities for our parenting community," says Rogaly. "Now, we're embarking on the next stage in our developmental milestones and offerings." 

"As an editor and strategist, [Kovarsky] is a natural fit for our parenting ecosystem. Her agile and creative approach brings a wealth of understanding to further establish the platform. [The platform will be] a mutually rewarding avenue for parents to receive more support, and brands to engage directly with our close-knit community of parents," adds Rogaly.

"In this capacity, Tanya will be involved in strengthening the existing offering, in positioning the business for future expansion and other exciting growth opportunities as BabyYumYum transforms its current digital assets into additional offerings," she says.

"As a dynamic, trendsetting platform, our focus is on continuous enhancement of our community's parenting lifestyle, while supporting partnering brands in building their relationship and achieving their brand objectives with this market," concludes Rogaly.

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