Mark Winkler, creative partner from M&C Saatchi Abel, says that the starting point for the campaign was to understand that the Fibre market is oversaturated with Internet service providers all selling the same thing and wanting to 'own internet speed'.

"We wanted to rise above this messaging in order to stand out," says Winkler. "Telling someone about your product is easy, but making someone actually think about your product is a different story." 

The MWEB campaign aims to inspire people to get out of their Internet 'rut' and to take action. The team at M&C Saatchi Abel says that people who are stuck watching the 'loading' icon, 'need inspiration'.

By 'coaching' consumers, the campaign aims to rise above the chorus chanting about intangibles such as 'bit rate' and 'line speed'. Rugby coach and motivator Nick Mallet has participated in the campaign and strives to speak directly to those in an Internet 'rut'.

"If someone as well-known and outspoken as Nick Mallett can't shake you out of your apathy and make you realise that your life will change once you switch to MWEB Fibre, nobody can," says Winkler.

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