The Dettol TVC, told from an unborn child's perspective, strives to demonstrate the care and love a mother has for her unborn child. The TVC shows the things mothers do around her home and the habits that she changes to make it a 'warm, safe and protected environment,' even before her baby's arrival.

It also aims to show the benefits of using Dettol products around the home, ending with the tagline, 'Protection as strong as a mother's love'.

Dettol marketing director Kunal Sahgal says, "What is so charming about the story is how the mother gets all the family members involved — gogo, daddy and big brother — in protecting themselves and the newborn from germs, and thereby making the home ready for the arrival of the baby."

"Even the granny is told to wash a brand-new baby romper before giving it to the mom. We also see the whole family practising their hand-hygiene habits throughout the commercial, demonstrating the changes they are making to be baby-ready," Sahgal adds.

According to Dettol, only 17% of South Africans wash their hands with soap and water, which causes illnesses and diseases, including diarrhea. With this in mind, the TVC aims to entrench Dettol's message about the importance of handwashing and through educational programmes.

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